For over 50 years, Linde is a large player in the market for logistic solutions. Products and solutions that are designed and manufactured by Linde are deployed in warehouses all over the world. You will find a large variety of electric tow tractors and electric burden carriers within the Linde tow tractors product range. If you are looking for a used Linde tow tractor, you can take a look at our current inventory. Feel free to contact us if we don’t have the machine that you are looking for. You can also take a look at our used machines of brands like Spijkstaal, Bull, and Berg Hortimotive.

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Buy a used Linde tow tractor

A Linde tow tractor is top of the line and will serve you effortlessly for many years. Steenks Service can help you with the purchase of a used Linde tow tractor. Just tell us what you need the machine(s) for and we can advice you the most suitable tow tractor(s) within the Linde product range. Our mechanics can even customize your Linde tow tractor, so it will suit your needs perfectly. For example, all our used tow tractors can be painted in your company colors and mounting used tow tractors with a custom tow bar is also a possibility. We have our own pool of highly skilled mechanics that can provide you with all the required maintenance and customizations.

Your specialist for buying, leasing, and servicing Linde tow tractors

Steenks Service is a true specialist when it comes to buying, leasing, renting, and servicing horticultural and industrial machines. Our Linde tow tractors are deployed within many different markets, such as logistical centers, airports, recreational parks, flower auctions, and greenhouses. They excel in environments where low levels of emission and noise are important and where the available space is limited. We can provide you with all the necessary maintenance for your Linde tow tractor(s), servicing tow tractors on your location is also a possibility. Because we have our own pool of mechanics, down-time will be kept to a minimum.