Our hook winding machine, equipped with a 230 Volt electric motor, is the perfect example of a horticultural machine which gets the work in a greenhouse done a lot easier. The hook winding machine is able to string no less than 600 tomato hooks per hour, and lets you adjust the string length through a digital display. Just like all other horticultural machines we at Steenks Service offer, the hook winding machine is of the highest possible quality.

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Tomato hook winding machine

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The benefits of owning a hook winding machine

First of all, one of the benefits of owning a hook winding machine is that it will save you a lot of money in comparison to buying hooks that are already wound. Furthermore, the machine will enhance the independency of your company, because you do not longer rely on delivery times of third parties. You can wind your hooks whenever (which day) and however (which length) you want. Also, a hook winding machine is very helpful in periods when time is scarce, like during the crop rotation. The time you saved by using a hook winding machine, can of course be of value performing other necessary activities in your greenhouse.

Specifications of the 230 Volt hook winding machine:

  • Automatically winding 6 hooks at the same time;
  • Able to wind a maximum of 600 hooks per hour;
  • The option to wind hooks with and without the ability for free fall;
  • Suited for standard hook sizes of 18 and 22 cm;
  • A digital display which allows you to set the rope length;
  • Transportation box for delivery abroad, and extra hook holders available;
  • 110 Volt variant available for export.

The service of Steenks Service

Whether you buy a new or a used hook winding machine, we always make sure that the machine is delivered ready for use, and with clear instructions how to operate the machine. Moreover, our technicians can assist you with periodic maintenance or incidental malfunctions. The maintenance activities can be easily done at your company location, so you will be fully operational as quickly as possible. If you are interested in one of our hook winding machines, feel free to contact us so we can discuss all possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

What is a hook winding machine?

A hook winding machine winds string onto a hook. These hooks are used in greenhouses for tomato or cucumber cultivation. The string is wound onto the hook at the pre-set length. The double free fall can also be wound onto the hook.

What is the capacity of the 6 hook 24 V hook winding machine?

This hook winding machine is suitable for winding 6 hooks at a time. The winding machine can wind 600 hooks per hour at a self-adjustable length. It is possible to do this for different hook lengths with or without free fall.

What is the benefit of a hook winding machine?

The benefit of a hook winding machine is that you do not need to buy pre-wound hooks. You can then wind your hooks whenever and however you need.