Since 1920, STILL is an important player in the market for logistical solutions. STILL electric tow tractors are a reliable means for internal transportation over medium and long distances. Steenks Service can help you with the purchase of a used STILL tow tractor. We are also a supplier of Linde, Bull, and Spijkstaal tow tractors. If the tow tractor that you are looking for is not listed on this page, you might find it at our other brand pages.

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Buy a STILL tow tractor

Buying a used STIL tow tractor is a wise decision, because these particular electric tow tractors are top of the line when it comes to reliability. At Steenks Service, we can supply you with a used STILL tow tractor that will function at the same level as a new machine. Every used machine is completely overhauled before we put it up for sale and any worn parts are replaced. We can also supply your used tow tractor with a new battery pack. Our mechanics can even paint used machines in your company colors, so they will also look as new.

Every used STILL tow tractor is sold with three months warranty.

Because of our extensive expertise in the area of tow tractors and because we have our own pool of skilled mechanics, it is also possible to provide you with a custom solution. The possibilities are endless and range from custom tow bars to equipment that can be used to transport heavy goods.

Purchase, lease, and maintenance of tow tractors

As your tow tractor specialist, you can contact us to purchase, rent, or lease these powerful machines. We can also provide you with all the required maintenance to keep your machines in a perfect condition. Our tow tractors are deployed in a wide variety of markets, such as greenhouses, large warehouses, airports, logistical centers, and city centers.

Are you interested in one of our tow tractors or do you want to know more about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us, our sales consultants are at your disposal.