Vegetables for human consumption are farmed in greenhouses and in open air. Are you looking for quality equipment that can assist you while farming vegetables? Steenks Service is your supplier of new and used machinery that is suitable for vegetable farming. One of these products are our trolleys on air tires that can be used to work on the right height while you are working on your crops. You can buy, rent, or lease all the equipment that we supply.

Vegetable farming equipment

Machines are used in greenhouses to work more efficient, to work more accurate, and to help workers with activities that involve a lot of manual labour. Our range of vegetable farming equipment offers everything that is needed in horticulture. Use the overview below to visit the different categories of machines that we offer.

As an expert in the area of machinery for horticulture, Steenks Service can provide you with professional advice that will help you choose the right machines for the job. Feel free to contact us with regards to more information or advice about vegetable farming equipment.