Cleaning an industrial floor surface can be quite time consuming, especially when you are dealing with a combination of wet and dry dirt. Usually, both an industrial vacuum cleaner and cloths are used for this, but with an industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean your floor surface with just one machine. The wet and dry vacuum cleaners from our range are an efficient way to clean your floor surface properly and quickly!

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Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB + suction nozzleNew
Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB + suction nozzle


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TypeStefix HP 4,5 L70AB+
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Stefix HP 4,5 L70 ABNew
Stefix HP 4,5 L70 AB

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BrandSteenks Service
TypeStefix HP 4,5 L70 AB
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How a wet-dry vacuum works

A wet-dry vacuum is a versatile industrial vacuum cleaner with which you can easily clean surfaces of fine particulate, coarser dirt particles and liquids. A wet-dry vacuum works in much the same way as a regular vacuum cleaner, with the dirt sucked up through a suction tube and a hose. The difference is in the dust reservoir, where the extracted liquid or dirt is stored with the aid of a special filter. The in-built float causes the motor to switch off when the reservoir is full of liquid and/or dust. In addition, this wet-dry vacuum has sturdy wheels, a powerful motor and can be used to clean both hard and soft surfaces.

Benefits of a wet-dry vacuum

The greatest benefit of a wet-dry vacuum is that it can be used to clean anything, including fine particulate, liquids, coarse grit and construction waste. This makes the vacuum highly suitable for use indoors, as well as outdoors in the garden, the garage or shed, where it will operate problem-free. The wet-dry vacuum is larger than a regular vacuum cleaner, so that you can suck up more dirt in one go. Its larger size and higher suction power make cleaning significantly easier.

Purchase an industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner at Steenks Service

Steenks Service can help you buy, rent or lease an industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner that is user-friendly and of high quality. We offer brand new machines that are European made, and regularly keep in stock a couple of used machines. These machines do not need a lot of maintenance and will assist you for many years in cleaning your floor surfaces. And, when the time has come that your industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner does needs some form of service or repair, you can simply contact our technical staff. They can carry out all necessary maintenance activities at your company location.

Steenks Service would be happy to answer any questions you may have about wet-dry vacuums. You can contact us by e-mail at or by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266.