Floor scrubber Stefix 800B


Article codeRE0000198
Selling typeNew
BrandSteenks Service
TypeStefix 800 Maxi BULL
Length136 cm
Width83 cm
Height103 cm
Capacity2800 m2/h
Rent Cleaning machines?
287329 Your specialist
Medewerker Wouter | Steenks Service

    • brush width 800 mm.
    • brush pressure 70 kg.
    • suction nozzle width: 1030 mm.
    • content clear water tank: 80 liter
    • content waste water tank: 80 liter
    • with 24 Volt 185 Ah traction-battery
    • with high frequency battery charger
    • with battery-indicator-meter

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    Batteries and high frequency battery charger are in the price included