We have a large variety of electric tow trucks available, with different towing capacities and that are suitable for many different applications. We can help you with both used and new machines and we have Europe’s largest stock of used electric tow trucks. We are confident that we can always help you acquire an electric tow truck that meets your specific demands.

Brands like Spijkstaal, Berg Hortimotive, and Bull are the backbone of our supply of electric tow trucks. We are specialized in the sale and maintenance of these reputable brands. We can also provide you with an electric tow truck from a different brand, but it might occur that we don’t stock spare parts for your particular brand of tow truck. Click on the categories below to browse our inventory:

New and used electric tow trucks

Our most popular brands

Buy a reliable electric tow truck

It doesn’t matter if you buy a new or a used electric tow truck at Steenks Service, we will always provide you with a very reliable machine. We only work with reputable brands and we make sure that every tow truck leaves our workshop in perfect working condition. We can overhaul any used tow truck according to your wishes, whether you only want it in a perfect technical condition or whether you want it ‘brand new’ in both a perfect technical condition and a perfect optical condition.

Applications for electric tow trucks

Electric tow trucks are emission-free which is a significant advantage compared to traditional tow trucks. For example, electric tow trucks can be used at indoor locations and in spaces where the use of combustions engines is prohibited. Besides, electric engines have a direct torque which is ideal for towing heavy loads. Our machines are operational in many different industries such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Industrial sites
  • Horticulture
  • International airports
  • Municipal engineering
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution in city centers
  • Flower auctions

Specialized in custom electric tow truck solutions

We have a state of the art workshop with experienced mechanics, which enables us to develop custom solutions in close cooperation with our customers and partners. This means that every electric tow truck in our inventory can be adjusted to your specific demands. The result is an electric tow truck that will fit your needs perfectly. Some examples of our custom solutions:

  • A custom tow bar
  • Lengthening of the cargo body
  • Spray painting a tow truck in your company colors
  • Installing a lifting platform or crane
  • Installing a pump and water tank
  • Installing a bench for two persons
  • Lengthening of the chassis
  • A hydraulic tipper
  • A custom trailer for your tow truck

Do you have a need for a custom solution that is not mentioned in this list? Feel free to tell us your story and to discuss the possibilities with us.

World class service at Steenks Service

When you ask our customers about what makes us special, you will most certainly get an answer that is related to our service level. We will do anything to make our customers happy and we strive to deliver world class service with regards to sales, maintenance, and repairs.

Buy, lease, or rent an electric tow truck

You are more than welcome to buy, rent, or lease one of our electric tow trucks. We provide you with a lot of possibilities to meet both temporary as long-term demands. Feel free to contact us and to discuss what is the most interesting option in your specific situation. You can use our online contact form or you can call us at phone number +31(0) 174 510 266.