Bundling, banding, or wrapping is the process by which products are joined. This can be done easily with the help of a pallet wrapper or a pallet strapping machine. By using a pallet wrapper or a pallet strapping machine in your packaging line, you can be sure that your pallets will stay tied together, allowing them to be shipped and stored safely. Although Steenks Service does not carry pallet wrappers in its range, we have a better alternative for you! We are happy to explain to you why it is better to choose a pallet strapping machine.

Pallet strapping machine instead of a pallet wrapper

A pallet strapping machine can work in many ways. You can choose a horizontal or vertical pallet strapping machine, and in addition, there also is the choice between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic operation. Because a strapping machine does not pack the entire pallet, but only applies strapping band at strategic positions, it works faster and more cost-effectively.

Benefits of a pallet strapping machine

Besides the fact that a pallet strapping machine is more time-efficient than a pallet wrapper, there are three other advantages associated with choosing a pallet strapping machine:

1. protection against damage

One of the most important advantages that a pallet strapping machine can offer is that your product is optimally protected against damage. Tying the pallets tightly and keeping the product in place, extends the life of perishable and fragile products during transport. This, without running the risk of suffocating the product (such as vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc.).

2. protection of personnel

Not only does strapping your pallets protect the product, but it also protects your employees. If products are not properly secured, there is a risk that they may fall over during transport and injure your staff. With the help of a pallet strapping machine, you secure your products and increase safety on the production floor. And, this without the floor being full of discarded packaging material.

3. space-saving

Another important benefit is the space that you can save by working with a pallet strapping machine. A pallet strapping machine uses strapping band to strap your pallets. This is a lot more space-saving than, for example, the stretch wrap used by a pallet wrapping machine, as it takes up less space in the waste container. This also saves you money, because you have to dispose of less waste.

Strapping pallets instead of sealing them

Strapping your pallets is a lot cheaper than sealing them with a pallet wrapper. Not only does a pallet strapping machine make the process a lot faster, but unlike sealing, it also saves a lot of mess when unpacking. Moreover, with sealing there is a risk that fresh products will be suffocated, as a result of which the product is lost. These disadvantages do not apply to a pallet strapping machine.