You receive this month a factory discount when purchasing a Reisopack 2830 strapping machine. The machine of €8925,- is now offered for a net price of €7999,-.

The machine will be delivered everywhere in the Netherlands for this price. When you want to receive the machine somewhere else this can be arranged. At the delivery of the machine you will get an explanation about the usage of the machine.

The promotion is valid until 10 April

Reisopack 2830

The Reisopack 2830 is a mobile stapping machine which can strap horizontally at every height. The 2830 works with batteries and a built-in battery charger. Furthermore the machine has a holder for corner bars and you can strap 1 pallet with 4 corner bars and 3S bands in 55 seconds. The maximum strap height is 240 cm and the minimum strap height is 15 cm. The strap tension can be regulated in a easy way by yourself.

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