Outdoor sweeping machines are very suitable for cleaning large and hard surfaces. For several years Steenks Service has been specialized in supplying sweeping machines that are extremely reliable for outdoor use. The outdoor sweepers from Stefix are equipped with a powerful suction motor that makes it easy to clean any surface. They do not only sweep up large dirt particles but also fine dust, making dust that settles a thing of the past. In our range, you will find both walk-behind and ride-on sweeping machines.

Ride-on and walk-behind outdoor sweepers

Steenks Service has different types of outdoor sweeping machines on offer. You can choose between a walk-behind sweeping machine or a machine with a seating surface. The sweeping widths vary from 65 cm to 170 cm, which means that the cleaning capacity of the outdoor sweepers increase to no less than 13,600 square meters per hour. The machines are equipped with a fully hydraulic drive and are available in petrol, diesel, and electric variants. Take a look at our different sweeping machines below:

Used outdoor sweeping machines

Used outdoor sweeping machines can be sold to us or we can exchange your old machine for a new one. In this way, we offer companies the chance to buy a used machine for a great price. Of course, the used machines of Steenks Service are fully checked and repaired if necessary before they are sold or rented again. We guarantee you that our outdoor sweepers are of high quality. We, therefore, guarantee you that our used sweeping machines certainly are not inferior to a new one!

Steenks Service as your supplier of outdoor sweepers

With our many years of experience as a supplier of high-quality sweeping machines for both outdoor and indoor use, we are happy to help you offer a suitable solution for your situation. Also, when you need maintenance on your machine, we are at your service. The maintenance service and the spare parts warehouse work closely together to resolve any defect as soon as possible. Is the transportation of the machine an obstacle for you? No problem! Steenks Service offers service and repair at your location, so you do not have to move the machine.

Are you interested in an outdoor sweeping machine or do you encounter a question or problem while using your machine? Please feel free to contact us!