Did you know that Steenks Service also offers customization? For instance, we recently received a request from Dave Storm Hobbykassen to develop a custom-made trailer. Dave Storm Hobbykassen sells a variety of greenhouses to companies throughout the Netherlands: from standard hobby greenhouses and garden greenhouses to roofs and greenhouses that are completely developed according to the customer’s wishes. Because the greenhouses are transported in various sizes throughout the Netherlands, it is very important that the transport takes place in a safe and smooth manner. At Steenks Service we found the solution for that.

Custom made trailer

In addition to the greenhouses having to be transported are of different sizes, the greenhouses are regularly transported over unpaved surfaces. So, for Dave Storm Hobbykassen it was sometimes a challenge to reach the destination safely. To make this easier for them, we started developing a trailer that is suitable for driving on unpaved roads.

Custom made trailer | Steenks Service

Features of the trailer

The compact trailer has s double slewing ring, which allows both the front and rear axle to steer. This makes tight turns a lot easier. Furthermore, the wheelsets are equipped with double wheels, which provide more than sufficient support for the heavy loads and ensure that the trailer will not sag. Also, the trailer has a lifting hook, so that it can easily be placed on a truck if necessary. All this together makes this trailer ideal for safely transporting the custom greenhouses at Dave Storm Hobbykassen.

Customization at Steenks Service

Can you not find a machine in our wide product range that fully meets your needs? No problem! We are happy to provide you with a custom machine or trailer. All customizations are carried out by our professionals in our own workshop so that we can quickly manufacture the desired machine for you. Are you interested or would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!