Steenks Service designed the new Stefix 150 sweeper entirely by itself. With an extra-large 1.5 m sweeping width, the new sweeper makes it even easier to keep large floor areas clean. With a large capacity, ease of use and attractive price, the Stefix 150 sweeper is an innovative addition to Steenks Service’s range of products. Read on for a more in-depth look at all of the benefits of our new sweeper!

Expansion within the market

An increasing number of our horticultural customers are expanding their greenhouse areas. This means that demand for machinery that can clean large areas with ease is greater than ever. Customers do not want to spend too much of their time cleaning their work area, but at the same time want to maintain hygiene within their business. Other sweepers with a wider sweeping width are often too big of an investment, as they tend to come with a range of fancy extras. This is where the Stefix 150 makes the difference – with a considerably lower price and a machine that is very accessible in use.

Stefix 150 sweeper

The Stefix 150 allows you to clean large floor areas with ease. In fact, the sweeper can clean an average area of 9700 square metres within just one hour. Not only are the dirt and dust swept up, but also vacuumed away immediately and collected in a large waste container. The container is easy to empty after cleaning. As already mentioned, the Stefix 150 is considerably cheaper than similar models, while there have been no compromises on reliability.

Stefix 150 sweeping machine | Steenks Service

Would you like to invest in a floor sweeper from Steenks Service?

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