The Van der Ende Group recently invested in several new cleaning machines as replacements for old models. The Maasdijk-based business opted for a Stefix 95 sweeper and a Stefix 800 floor scrubber. The two new additions now help Van der Ende to clean its floors in no time at all. Read on to find out more about the machines that Van der Ende chose and why this combination of machines guarantees optimal results.

Stefix 95 sweeper and Stefix 800 floor scrubber

Both machines play an important role when it comes to floor cleaning. The Stefix 95 sweeper sweeps the dust and dirt from the floor; the Stefix 800 floor scrubber is then used to remove residual dirt from the floor and to thoroughly clean it. Both cleaning machines also vacuum the dirt up directly. The dirt is conveyed into a waste water tank, which can be emptied as soon as cleaning is complete.

Stefix 95 sweeper

This electrical cleaning machine has a 700 mm central brush as standard, but can be expanded to include one or two side brushes. These extend the sweeping width to either 950 mm or 1150 mm respectively. The capacity of the container is a good 62 litres and the filter area is 6 m2.

Stefix 800 floor scrubber

The Stefix 800 floor scrubber also has electrical propulsion. The machine in question has a brush width of 800 mm and a clean water tank with a capacity of at least 130 litres. The capacity of the waste water tank is 160 litres.

Stefix 95 sweeper and Stefix 800 floor scrubber | Steenks Service

Combination of cleaning machines

The two machines have the capacity to make a big difference to the cleaning process individually, but at the Van der Ende Group, it is the combination of the two that really helps. In fact, when the two machines are used together, the floor will come up as good as new. For the best results, it’s important to start by sweeping before scrubbing the floor. This ensures that the coarser dirt has already been removed, so that the floor scrubber can produce the best results.

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