In greenhouses, the ‘season’ for hanging strings is coming up. Previously, placing all the strings during crop rotation periods was an intensive and time-consuming activity for horticulturists. However, there now is a simple but very effective solution that makes this job a lot less time-intensive.

“Using the Steenks string machine, placing strings will be a piece of cake.”

String machines: the ideal solution for placing strings

Our string machines are innovative machines that, over the last few years, have proved to be a relief for many horticulturists. This is because the string machine can ‘spit out’ 2,000 strings of equal length per hour. The length of the strings can be set as desired. The only thing you have to do is to tie the strings.

Our string machines always come with a pole and two footrests, due to which it can be mounted onto virtually any pipe rail trolley. Since a string machine includes not one but two footrests, you can easily change sides. Mounting the string machine onto a pipe rail trolley is ideal for placing strings at higher points in greenhouses.

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