Recently we delivered the GL3500-D pipe rail trolley to tomato nursery Prominent Grevelingen (The Netherlands). With this delivery, the tomato nursery from the Dutch province of Zeeland now has the latest Berkvens pipe rail trolley at its disposal. Because the company has been purchasing Berkvens pipe rail trolleys for many years, they have been able to trade in some older pipe rail trolleys at Steenks Service for the latest pipe rail trolley of the GL-D series.

The cultivation area of Prominent Grevelingen is approximately 11 hectares, and during the peak period at least 40 employees are at work. Being able to work efficiently in the greenhouse is therefore of great importance for the tomato nursery. That is why the company has opted for the GL-3500D pipe rail trolley from Steenks Service. The trolley is now used for all types of work activities that are carried out in the greenhouse.

Launch of the GL-D pipe rail trolley series

At the beginning of this year, the new Berkvens and Berg Hortimotive pipe rail trolley series were launched at Steenks Service. The reason for developing the new pipe rail trolleys was to comply with the new legislation and regulations, but also to be able to apply the very latest innovations. As such, at Steenks Service we are now able to always supply the most user-friendly and innovative pipe rail trolleys.

GL-D pipe rail trolleys for working at great heights

Berkvens’ GL-D pipe rail trolleys are available in two different platform heights, namely with a maximum height of 350 cm and with a maximum height of 500 cm. With the help of these trolleys, working at great heights will be a lot easier. In addition, the trolleys are low-maintenance and, thanks to the hygienic and streamlined design of the chassis and the scissors, ensure efficient crop protection. The GL-D pipe rail trolleys are therefore suitable for almost every vegetable grower.

Trade-in your pipe rail trolley at Steenks Service

Does your company, like Prominent Grevelingen, have pipe rail trolleys, and would you like to trade them in for the latest Berkvens trolley? At Steenks Service you can trade-in your old pipe rail trolleys for the very latest pipe rail trolleys. Feel free to contact us if you are interested. Our specialists are happy to visit you to determine the trade-in value of your current trolley. The Steenks Service team is of course also available to advise you on the best machines and trolleys for your company.