Also this month we were able to deliver a new machine to one of our customers, namely to Kwekerij Brasil. The chrysanthemum grower has 4.5 hectares of land on which two greenhouses have been built. In the company, a clean and tidy work environment is of great importance and for this reason, they have chosen to invest in a Stefix 800 floor scrubber.

Steenks Service delivers new Stefix 800 to Kwekerij Brasil

Hygienic working environment with the help of the Stefix 800 scrubber drier

For several years, Kwekerij Brasil has been affiliated with the Zentoo quality label. This association consists of a total of fifteen growers who are committed to producing the best European chrysanthemums. Zentoo has strict quality standards and expects its members to grow their flowers in a hygienic working environment. Previously, Kwekerij Brasil already used a floor scrubber, but it had to be replaced. Therefore, the nursery has chosen to purchase a new Stefix 800 scrubber. Watch below how Kwekerij Brasil uses the Stefix 800 to clean their concrete paths:

Specifications of the Stefix 800 floor scrubber

The Stefix 800 is a ride-on floor scrubber and therefore ideal for cleaning large surfaces. The brush width of this high-quality machine totals 800 mm. The machine is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can effortlessly refill the clean water tank yourself and you can quickly drain the dirty water through the drain hose.

Purchase Stefix 800 floor scrubber at Steenks Service

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