After 18 months of being busy with the development of a new model of tomato hook winding machine, we can finally announce that it is now available at Steenks Service. We have recently been working very hard behind the scenes to develop a new machine that is more user-friendly than ever before.

User-friendly tomato hook winding machine

Our previous tomato hook winding machine has been a well-sold product at Steenks Service for several years now. But, with the electrotechnical developments of today in view, we wanted to introduce some innovations. The goal was to keep the new tomato hook winding machine as simple and user-friendly as possible. A total of two new prototypes were made, but in the end it was the third and final model that met our requirements.

Renewed systems

The biggest differences between the old model and the new model are the control of the free-fall system and the new type of motor in the machine. Because of the new system and the new motor, the string length and winding speed are very easy to set. Also, the control panel of the new hook winding machine has undergone a technological innovation. For example, the new model has a touchscreen instead of push buttons. Regarding the tomato hooks, the machine is suitable for both 18 cm and 22 cm hooks. Finally, the renewed model is not made of powder-coated steel, but of stainless steel.

Buying a tomato hook winding machine at Steenks Service

At Steenks Service you can always count on the best service. Our customer-oriented approach is something we value highly. We are continuously working to improve our services and want to offer you the best machines.

Do you have a question about the operation of the new tomato hook winding machine or are you interested in purchasing a machine? Please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are always there for you in case of questions or problems.