At the HortiContact exhibition in Gorinchem, Steenks Service will introduce a new sweeper: the Stefix 150. This is a unique sweeper with a sweeping width of 1.5 metres. The machine has been developed and designed by Steenks Service itself. After an extensive test period, the Stefix 150 will be introduced at the fair with a very nice promotion.

Stefix 150 new | Steenks Service

Furthermore, at the HortiContact we will present several new machines from our range. The Stefix 135 HD ground cover sweeper with high dump and the Stefix 73BT electric ground cover sweeper will also be presented. These can therefore also be seen in Gorinchem after their introduction at the IPM fair in Essen.

Furthermore, we have our latest most user-friendly pipe rail trolley in the stand. Finally we have a new AGV bell pepper harvesting container to show. Through the following link you can get free tickets.

Unique sweeping machine

The Stefix 150 is a unique sweeping machine and is designed for cleaning large areas. The machine sweeps and vacuums at the same time, so all the dirt and dust is collected in the waste dustbin. The machine has a capacity of about 9,700 square metres per hour.

The machine is unique because of its sweeping width combined with its capacity, simplicity and pricing. Thus, the machine is easy to operate and can sweep large areas. Furthermore, the machine requires little maintenance and is developed based on proven technology, making it very reliable. Finally, the machine has competitive pricing which gives it the best price for its sweeping width.

Stefix 150 in actie | Steenks Service

Demand from the market

The machine was created due to market demand. Due to economies of scale in various industries, areas to sweep are becoming larger and larger. The most commonly used machine was the Stefix 95 with a sweeping width of about 1 metre. Only this sweeping width is on the narrow side. Customers want to sweep more efficiently, so they ask for wider sweeping machines. These wider machines are already available, but have a price 3x higher than the Stefix 95. This higher price is mostly because wider sweepers are produced more advanced than necessary. So the customer requirement was a wide, affordable and simple sweeper. Steenks Service specially developed and tested such a machine, resulting in the Stefix 150.

Interested in our new machines?

Are you interested in our machines? Then come and see them at the HortiContact from 5 to 7 March in Gorinchem. Our stand number is A109. Are you unable to attend, but would like to know more? Then please contact us for more information. Send an e-mail to or call +31(0) 174 510 266. We will be happy to help you further.