We can hereby announce that from now on, the new pipe rail dipcontainer / sanitizer from Berkvens is available at Steenks Service! In this news item we will tell you more about the importance of a good dipcontainer and the new functions that are added.

Why you need a dipcontainer

A dipcontainer is very important if you want to work as hygienic as possible in the horticulture industry. The dipcontainer is filled with a disinfectant so an employee can cleanse his hands at any time. Because after all, we do not want an employee to pass on a virus to the crops or vice versa.

New functions of the dipcontainer

The new sanitizer of Berkvens is universally usable and can be installed on several types of pipe rail trolleys, from different kind of brands. When the dipcontainer is installed, an adjustable time control needs to be set up. The time control makes sure the pipe rail trolley stops operating, so the employee has time to disinfect his hands. As soon as his hands are cleansed, the pipe rail trolley will start operating again. The dipcontainer also has a pre-set minimal filling level so the disinfectant will not drop below the required level. At last, the dipcontainer is also geared up with a handy toolbox which makes the sanitizer extra functional!

Berkvens sanitizer at Steenks Service

Do you want to make sure your employees work even more hygienic? In that case, Steenks Service can provide you with the universally usable sanitizer of Berkvens! For more information you can contact us through the online contact form which you can find on this website or by phone on the following number +31(0) 174 510 266.