A lot of horticulturists are dealing with damaged greenhouses after the past autumn storm and whirlwind. Some of the Dutch greenhouses are so badly damaged that the growing season of these affected companies has come to an unfortunate end. Other horticulturists are repairing their damaged greenhouses so they can continue their season.

Massive damages to greenhouses

To assess the damages, insurance company Interpolis has made aerial photos of affected greenhouses. Footage showed that on average, between 1,000 and 5,000 windows per company were destroyed. In the meantime, repairs are in full swing.

Pipe rail trolleys for repairing greenhouse damage

Equipment for repairing greenhouse damages

Repairing a greenhouse can be very time consuming and is also labour and machine intensive. During these times, extra pipe rail trolleys can help to speed up the repairs. At Steenks Service, you can rent a special pipe rail trolley with a maximum height of seven meters. This type of pipe rail trolley is developed in close cooperation with Berg Hortimotive and is very suitable to assist you while repairing storm damages.

Rent a pipe rail trolley

Do you want to rent a pipe rail trolley to help you repair your greenhouse? Feel free to contact us about the current possibilities. You can reach us by phone on the number +31(0) 174 510 266 or by using our online contact form.

Buy a pipe rail trolley

Besides the pipe rail trolleys that we have available for rent, we also stock large quantities of new and used pipe rail trolleys that are for sale. Use the buttons below to explore our current inventory.