The crop rotation season in vegetable crops is about to start! During this period, the old crop will be cleared, the greenhouse cleaned and the new plants will enter the greenhouse. Especially for this period, Steenks Service is starting a promotion on the BeMatic SW Meto Spray robot from Berg Hortimotive. You will now receive a total discount of €750 on the purchase price when you order a Meto spray robot! The promotion is valid until 13 December 2023. Read more about the machine and our services below.

BeMatic SW Meto spray robot of Berg Hortimotive

The BeMatic Meto SW is a very suitable spray robot for preventive or localised crop spraying. Due to the connected hose reel with automatic hose guide, the Meto can drive through the paths completely independently to spray the crop. The spraying robot does this at a speed varying between 0 and 90 metres per minute. The spraying robot is very easy to set up with the help of a user-friendly touchscreen menu, where you can choose between different languages. Combined with the right spray boom and nozzles, the Meto SW ensures perfect coverage and efficient use of the resources to be sprayed!

Action Meto spray robot | Steenks Service

Go into the crop change period prepared

Steenks Service has various solutions and machines available that are suitable for making crop rotation as efficient as possible. These include products such as Frekofix cleaning agent, pipe rail trolleys for rental and sale, floorscrubbers, string machines and pipe rail carriage for Danish trolleys. Check our product range to find even more possible solutions.

Advice from Steenks Service

Want to get through the crop change season as easily as possible? Then make sure you are well prepared with the right tools. Contact Steenks Service to find the best solutions for your company to have an easy crop rotation. You can do this bij contacting the online contact form. Or send an e-mail through or cal to +31(0) 174 510 266. We would like to hear from your!