Soon, a very important period will start for the horticulture industry; the crop rotation. In a period of two to three weeks, breeders will work intensively to remove old plants from their greenhouses, disinfect their greenhouse and clean them afterwards. During the crop rotation it is very important to prevent diseases and plagues from spreading in greenhouses. At Steenks Service we want you to start your crop rotation well prepared. We therefore have several useful services to offer!

Different types of machines for rent

During the crop rotation you have to clear out a lot of materials. Especially in this busy period it is very helpful if you can count on machines to make your job easier. Because some machines are only useful during the short period of crop rotation, we therefore offer our customers the option to rent a machine. By renting a machine, you do not have to worry about the high upfront costs that come with buying a machine, or the additional costs that are related to maintenance. At Steenks Service our machines will always be delivered ready for use, and of course you decide for what period of time you want to rent the machine.

Renting a pipe rail trolley

One of the most useful machines during the crop rotation is the pipe rail trolley. This multifunctional machine is very well suited for working at heights. For example, when you want to repair the roof of your greenhouse, during the clearing out of crop gutters or during the cleaning of greenhouse lights. The maximum platform height that our pipe rail trolleys can reach is no less than 5,5 metres, and you can rent a pipe rail trolley for almost every track size!

Internal transportation with the tow tractor

Another very popular machine is the tow tractor. The tow tractors of Steenks Service are widely known for their enormous pulling power. As they will make moving heavy loads that much easier, these machines are perfect for internal transportation purposes. At Steenks Service you can rent tow tractors with pulling power varying from 500kg, all the way up to 10.000kg.

Clean your machine with detergent

Clearing out old paprika and tomato crops from your greenhouse can cause a green layer of dirt on your machines. The easy-to-use detergent from Frekofix helps you remove this dirt layer; just spray the detergent onto your machines, let it sit for a while, and then spray it off. All the green dirt will be gone! Also, the Frekofix detergent is very effective in removing greases, algae, stains caused by exhaust fumes, and soot.

Machine maintenance at Steenks Service

Steenks Service is your specialist when it comes to horticultural and industrial machines. Whenever your machines need maintenance or repair, the technicians of Steenks Service can and will help you. At our own workshop we can carry out all necessary maintenance and repair activities. Do you prefer our technicians to visit your company location? No problem! If you want to know more about the support we can offer during crop rotation, feel free to contact us by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266 or by completing our online contact form.