Preventing diseases in the greenhouse has never been easier with our hygiene station! The Steenks Service hygiene station is indispensable for horticultural companies and companies where strict hygiene standards are applied. In this news item we will tell you more about our hygiene stations.

Optimal hygiene with our disinfection gate

With a hygiene station, hygiene is lifted to a higher level. Diseases and bacteria can be easily brought in by employees and visitors, with all its consequences. A hygiene station offers the solution! The tray is filled with a disinfectant which cleans the hands before someone enters the greenhouse. This way, the problem is addressed at the source and potential sources of contamination are efficiently neutralized. As such, the chance of diseases, viruses, and bacteria penetrating the cultivation is minimized.

How does the hygiene station work?

The one-person passage of the station can be unlocked by simultaneously pushing the two buttons in the disinfection tray. By doing so, the hands are immediately properly disinfected. In addition, the shoe soles are disinfected at the same time thanks to the stainless steel foot tray with plastic running mat, which is automatically filled by means of a buffer tank. The exit of the hygiene station can be easily unlocked just by pushing a button on the machine.

Interested in the Steenks Service hygiene station?

Are you looking for a disinfection gate that ensures the hygiene in the greenhouse is perfectly guaranteed? We would gladly provide you with our Steenks Service hygiene station! For more information, contact us by filling out the contact form on our website or call us on phone number +31(0) 174 510 266.