Steenks Service has made its début at the renowned Four Oaks Trade Show in England. Our representatives, Nick and Wouter, returned home from the fair feeling wholly satisfied, and you can read more about their successes below!

Four Oaks – famous and renowned

The Four Oaks Trade Show takes place every year in the town of Macclesfield, close to Manchester. The show focuses on knowledge sharing and innovation solutions in the horticultural industry, and with more than 300 exhibitors from around the world, is a meeting point for supply and demand. This year’s show was held on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September. It was Steenks Service first time at the show.

Large-scale and local

Given the vast scale of the Four Oaks Trade Show, it seemed the perfect location for our representatives, Nick and Wouter, to showcase products from Steenks Service. And in spite of its vast scale, the Four Oaks Trade Show’s principal attendees are local growers of flowers, plants and trees. They are the ideal audience for the Stefix 135 and Stefix 73 ground cover sweepers.

Four Oaks Tradeshow | Steenks Service

Sales successes for Steenks Service

The greenhouses in which the Four Oaks Trade Show was held might have been warm, but that did not spoil the fun, as Nick and Wouter can confirm as they reflect on the show’s successes. In fact, both of the ground cover sweepers that were taken along to the show were sold. In addition, there was considerable interest in products from Steenks Service, which suggests clear demand for the innovative solutions that our organisation has to offer. A show that hopefully promises more to come!

See our range on the website

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to present our innovative solutions to a wide audience, but our range is always available to view on our website. There you will find a comprehensive selection of horticultural and industrial machinery, from pipe-rail trolleys to strapping machines. Please get in touch with Steenks Service and one of our specialists would be happy to tell you more about the wide range of options!