H.Z. Logistics recently moved into new premises in Maasdijk. The logistics company used a Stefix floor scrubber from Steenks Service to clean the floor in its large-capacity production hall.

New premises for H.Z. Logistics

Last month, H.Z. Logistics commissioned new premises in Maasdijk. The company used a Stefix 1000 Toro floor scrubber from Steenks Service to clean its production hall, which extends to some 12,000 m2. The production hall is used as a cross-dock centre with the goal of eliminating customers’ logistics worries.

New Stefix floor scrubber models

Last year saw the launch of new models of the Stefix floor scrubber to the market. The new models are not only more attractive and compact, but also more practical in use. Examples of this added practicality include the new mobile hoses for easier filling and draining of the supply water tanks. In addition, the machine is now easier to charge with the integrated battery charger.

Stefix 1000 Toro floor scrubber

The Stefix 1000 Toro is the largest floor scrubber in our range. With a scrubbing width of 1 metre and a cleaning capacity of 5500 square metres per hour, the Stefix 1000 Toro is ideal for cleaning large floor areas. These efficient cleaning solutions allow large floor areas to be scrubbed clean and dried at the same time. Once work with the machine is complete, the floor can be used again immediately.

H.Z. Logistics Scrubber dryer Stefix 1000 Toro | Steenks Service Stefix 1000 Toro Scrubber dryer H.Z. Logistics | Steenks Service
Would you like to see the Stefix 1000 Toro in action at H.Z. Logistics? Please watch the video below!

Floor scrubbers from Steenks Service

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