At the IPM in Essen Steenks Service released its latest sweeper: The Stefix 135. With this machine it is possible to sweep root cloth without leaving tire tracks and it is also very suitable for sweeping on uneven areas such as market squares, parking lots, etc.

About this sweeper

With the Stefix 135 you will have a perfect sit-on sweeper that is suitable for sweeping soft or uneven surfaces such as floors or outdoor cultivation areas. This machine has been especially designed for growers who work on landscaping fabric or film. Because this machine has wide front and rear wheels and the front and rear axles have different widths there will be no traces in the ground and everything stays nice and flat. This machine is also suitable for sweeping fine dust. Because of the large filter surface area and the large suctioncapacity this machine can handle any job! The large removable dirt tray on wheels makes emptying the trash very light and simple.

Benefits of the Stefix 135

  • An excellent price/quality ratio
  • Low costs per square meter of cleaned surface
  • Saves on labor
  • Easy maintenance
  • Parts that are subject to wear and tear can be easily and quickly changed
  • Large fine dust filter system
  • Dirt tray can easily be removed to empty it
  • Large coarse dirt flap to sweep up leaves and large pieces of dirt
  • Standard equiped with 2 sidebrushes (of which 1 is movable)

More information

You are welcome to come and see this machine at the IPM in Essen in Hall 7 at booth 7A19. Of course we also like to come and demonstrate the machine at your location. Please contact us.