The packaging industry never stands still. In fact, this market is increasing more every year. More than 2,800 kilotons of packaging are yearly marketed in the Netherlands. For companies in the packaging industry, the fast and safe packaging of goods and pallets is of great importance. Strapping machines are essential in this respect. Steenks Service offers a wide range of new and second-hand strapping machines that can save you a lot of time.

Types of strapping machines

At Steenks Service you can choose from different types of machines for packing your goods. From semi-automatic and fully automatic to horizontal and vertical strapping machines. The right strapping machine results in fast and efficient bundling of your packaging. Moreover, not only do you save time and money, but it is also a lot less stressful for your employees because it no longer has to be done manually. Would you like advice on which strapping machine best suits your business operations? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reisopack 2905

One of the most popular machines we offer is the Reisopack 2905. This state-of-the-art automatic strapping machine can be used individually as well as in an automatic production line. The machine is ideal for strapping large quantities of pallets and is also very user-friendly. The Reisopack 2905 can also be realized as a mobile machine. This allows multiple pallets to be strapped, without having to move them manually each time. In this case, the strapping machine moves towards the pallet to strap it. This way you will work twice as efficient! Watch the video below to see how a similar strapping machine works.

Buying, renting, leasing, or maintaining a strapping machine at Steenks Service

At Steenks Service you can buy, rent or lease a strapping machine. We always have a range of machines that can be delivered ready for use. You can also contact us for maintenance of your strapping machine. Our professional mechanics are always available to help you in case of problems. This can be done in our workshop as well as at your location.

Steenks Service as a reliable partner for your strapping machines

Steenks Service has been a reliable supplier of various machines for the packaging industry for quite some time. We guarantee the safe transport of your goods with the help of our strapping machines. Are you interested in a Steenks Service strapping machine? Feel free to contact us via the contactform or by phone at +31(0) 174 510 266.