Last month, Steenks Service delivered new roses harvesting trolleys to Van den Ende Rozen. The company, situated in Monster (a small village in The Netherlands), grows Red Naomi (red roses) on an area of no less than eight hectares. To keep this process as efficient as possible, Van den Ende Rozen started looking for harvest trolleys that are reliable and low-maintenance. This, to prevent any malfunctions as much as possible and to carry out as little maintenance as possible on the trolleys. The company now has 46 roses harvest trolleys, which are used seven days a week.

Roses harvest trolleys developed as desired

Because Van den Ende Rozen likes to work as efficiently as possible, they specifically looked for roses harvesting trolleys with two removable buckets and trolleys whose platform, hip switch, and roses containers are easily adjustable in height. At Steenks Service we did not yet have a harvesting trolley that met these requirements. That is why we developed a new roses harvesting trolley for Van den Ende Rozen in collaboration with Berkvens Greenhouse Mobility. As a result, the company is now in the possession of harvest trolleys that have a closed drive, large traction batteries, drive control on push handle, roses containers and buckets, and a mechanical platform that can be easily adjusted in height.

Berkvens roses harvest trolley

In our offer, you can now find this latest Berkvens roses harvest trolley, which is also beautiful to see in addition to its functionality. The roses harvesting trolley has two roses containers and two buckets, both of which are adjustable in height. In addition, the trolley has a closed drive and a mechanical platform that can be adjusted up to a maximum height of 58 cm. The roses trolley has also been developed in such a way that it is very reliable and low-maintenance so that malfunctions and downtime are prevented and you can always continue working!

Roses harvest trolley | Steenks Service

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Do you work in rose cultivation and do you, like Van den Ende Roses, want to go through the process of growing roses as efficiently as possible? Then our roses harvesting trolleys offer the solution! Are you interested in purchasing a roses harvesting trolley or are you curious about the possibilities we have to offer? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.