Recently we delivered another Stefix 135 floor sweeper to a new customer. This time the delivery took place at Verloop Boomkwekerij in Luttelgeest, a village in the Netherlands. At Verloop Boomkwekerij, various types of conifers have been grown with great knowledge and passion for more than 25 years. The nursery has been striving for sustainability for years and therefore has the highest attainable certificate in the field of environmental friendliness. The conifers are grown in the nursery in a completely sustainable manner.

Clean cultivation floors and a clean warehouse

At Verloop Boomkwekerij, the conifers are grown on an area of 4 hectares. To get and keep this large area clean, the nursery has opted for the Stefix 135 from Steenks Service. This machine is ideal for achieving and maintaining a hygienic work environment. The floor sweeper at Verloop Boomkwekerij is used to clean the outdoor cultivation floors and the concrete floors in the warehouse. Although the machine has not been used much because the outdoor cultivation floors were already finished, the nursery already is very happy with the floor sweeper.

Stefix 135 floor sweeper

The Stefix 135 is a sweeping machine that can be used both in greenhouses and on outdoor fields and is suitable for cleaning cultivation floors and anti-root cloth. This makes the machine very popular with tree, plant, and flower nurseries, among others. The sweeping machine, which also has a seat for more comfort, has wide wheels that do not damage the anti-root cloth and other cultivation floors and leave no traces so that everything remains nice and flat. Thanks to the powerful suction function of the machine, fine dust and other waste, such as remaining seeds, are effortlessly swept and vacuumed.

Purchase a floor sweeper at Steenks Service

Do you want to be able to quickly and easily clean large surfaces, just like Verloop Boomkwekerij? Then choose a Stefix 135 or another sweeping machine at Steenks Service! Feel free to contact us if you like advice or more information. You can contact us via telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or via