Our new Stefix 135 floor sweeper for ground covers is also well received beyond the Dutch borders. The floor sweeper, which is specifically designed to sweep woven ground covers, is gaining popularity in Germany.

Spreading like wildfire in Germany

Emsflower, one of the largest and well-known growers of potted plants in Germany, was one of the first German companies to use the Stefix 135. Since then, many German horticulturists have followed the example of Emsflower. To our delight, horticulturists are so enthusiastic about our solution for sweeping ground covers, that they are happy to recommend the Stefix 135 to their colleagues.

Cleaning up for winter

The rising popularity of our Stefix 135 floor sweeper is partly due to time of year. A lot of horticulturists are cleaning up so they can start the upcoming winter period with a clean and orderly greenhouse. With our floor sweeper for ground covers, cleaning greenhouses is done a lot faster and more efficient compared to traditional methods.

Our floor sweepers for ground covers

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Meet our floor sweepers for ground covers

Are you unfamiliar with our latest floor sweeper for ground covers? Watch the video below and meet our Stefix 135 floor sweeper!