The month of September was marked by two business trips to various trade fairs. At the beginning of September, Sander got ready for a visit to Närpes in Finland. In the middle of the same month, it was Wouter’s turn to travel to Angers in France!

Dutch influences in Finland

Steenks Service at finnish trade fair | Steenks Service

In Finland, Sander was present on behalf of Steenks Service on Thursday, September 1, and Friday, September 2 at the Puutarha Expo in Närpes, a trade fair focused on horticulture. Especially for this occasion a floor scrubber and pipe rail trolley were exhibited, with success! During the trade fair, Sander managed to sell the floor scrubber, a Stefix 1000 Toro, to an interested party!

The Stefix 1000 Toro is an updated floor scrubber in Steenks Service’s lineup. With a capacity of 5,500 square meters per hour, the Stefix 1000 Toro is able to clean almost any floor in a relatively short time.

During the same business trip, Sander also visited RW Constructies, Rob Westdijk’s company, which is also located in Närpes. Together with Hortilux, Steenks Service is the proud service partner of RW Constructies. To emphasize the positive cooperation, a banner was unveiled during Steenks Service’s visit to Finland.

A French trade fair with a positive outcome

From Tuesday, September 13 to Thursday, September 15, the trade fair ‘Le Salon du Végétal’ took place in Angers. As the name suggests, this fair was all about horticulture.

For Steenks Service, Wouter was present, although he was not alone. During the trade fair, Wouter was in the company of Marco Vijverberg of Atout Service Sarl. Atout Services Sarl is a partner of Steenks Service which is based in France; it is always nice to strengthen ties during business trips with partners with whom Steenks Service has a good working relationship. Especially for the fair, Wouter exhibited a Stefix 73 and Stefix 135.

Steenks Service sells Stefix 135 on French exchange | Steenks Service

The Stefix 73 and Stefix 135 are both sweeping/suction machines especially for cleaning root cloths. The Stefix 73 weighs 85 kilograms and has a cleaning capacity of 3,400 square meters per hour. The Stefix 135 even tops that with a weight of 400 kilograms and an immense cleaning capacity of 10,000 square meters per hour. During the three-day event, both machines were sold!

In short, Steenks Service can look back on two successful business trips. Business trips that not only saw commercial successes but also strengthened ties with various partners of Steenks Service!

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